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 “Never doubt your ability to change someone's life” Jackie Kennedy

With the turn of the millennium, a great shift took place in humanity. More and more people are choosing to combine their travels with an opportunity to volunteer and provide much needed social work for nothing more than the kindness they feel in their hearts. They are traveling with a purpose. Using their hands and time, they are building schools, water wells, and providing medicines, shoes, and clothing to underprivileged and impoverished communities and children across the globe.

Traveling is a way to open your eyes and experience all the world has to offer. Volunteering is a way to open your heart and share with the world all you have to give. When the two are combined, it can change all the parties involved. Feelings of compassion and gratitude are a universal language spoken by every person, regardless of country borders or foreign languages.

At WYLT we take pride in matching up our clients with the volunteer destination that best speaks to the individual. We have a variety of volunteer options to choose from and continue to search for places that need our help.