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“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun”

Family reunions are as unique as each family. Some are based around major family milestones like wedding anniversaries, while others host annual events where new family members can meet each other like new spouses or new babies. Whatever the reason, having a dedicated time for togetherness is extremely helpful in keeping families connected and thriving. Family gatherings provide a way to exchange family news and stories, celebrate culture, and honor deceased relatives. Family reunions are also great reasons to take a fun vacation with the people you love!

However, planning a fun, meaningful and memorable family reunion can be an exhausting task. Who to invite, where to gather, and who’s “in charge”, can be daunting enough to cancel the entire event. With family commitments, jobs, and life-in-general, it’s difficult for one person to manage the gathering of an entire family event. At WYLT, we can oversee the planning of the reunion, handle the communications, and enthusiastically coordinate and oversee the entire occasion to ensure a happy family gathering.

Ski resorts, cabins under the stars, Caribbean cruises, western ranches, or all-inclusive. Whatever you like, we can make it happen. The options are limitless!


Family Travel

“Age is no barrier when it comes to travel”

Multigenerational travel is trending! With such busy schedules and geographic diversities, families are finding it hard to spend time together and connect with grandma and grandpa. It's one of the main reasons why many families are planning milestone vacations to build memories between the generational gaps. Hotels, resorts, and cruise lines are now catering to large family groups by offering more options including multiple bedroom configurations and multigenerational activities. Grandparents can engage with grandchildren in activities that have no age barriers, just fun for the whole family.

We design our trips to satisfy the needs of every traveling family, to keep everyone engaged and happy. We have great recommendations for travel destinations across the globe where families can explore, frolic and enjoy each other's company regardless of age.

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Group Travel Tours

“In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with”

Let’s face it. Traveling abroad and alone can be a scary thing! There are language barriers and borders to cross, unknown lands and different cultures. Why not make these things tasks easier with group travel? You can maximize your time and avoid barriers if you are traveling with a group of people with whom to split your concerns. Or better yet, avoid any worries at all! You will be traveling under the care and guidance of our native tour guides who can whiz you into the best local diners, pubs, museums or beach spots. You can focus your energy on having great experiences over the logistics of where to exchange your foreign currency or shop for souvenirs. 

Our groups are small enough to feel as though you are exploring independently, yet large enough for the support and a good social vibe. With alliances in a variety of countries, WYLT can send you almost anywhere you want to go with safety and reassurance.

Church Trips

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures”- Lovelle Drachman

Mission trips can offer a divine experience like no other. They offer the chance for parishes to connect and serve God all over the world, outside of their own church districts. Trips are based on meeting the needs of church groups and finding the perfect location in which to share their compassion by giving them the ability to serve abroad with an open heart and mind.

WYLT handles all the details for your church group, from travel logistics to sleep accommodations, and transportation. We allow you to keep your focus where it belongs, on helping others and offering support where needed. We will take care of your complete travel itinerary, so your focus remains on your faith and your faithful good deeds.

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