Maruja Limon


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Maruja Limon

One wouldn't expect to find a level of creativity and finesse this high behind the restaurant's humble facade, and yet Maruja Limon will probably deliver one of a lifetime's most memorable meals: local ingredients are sourced and handled carefully to create dishes that tend to look more like works of modern art than edibles, and yet splendidly deliver on flavour.


As one might well-expect from the world's largest fishing port, seafood reigns supreme in Vigo, and is best enjoyed as part of traditional Galician offerings such as "polbo á feira" (or "pulpo a la gallega", octopus dusted with red paprika and sprinkled with oil). There is plenty beyond fine seafood, however - "lacón con grelos", for example, is traditional pork leg with greens, and Galician "empanadas" (or meat pies).