La Cervercería de Vigo


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La Cervercería de Vigo

The celebrated local Estrella Galicia beer flows freely at this beer hall, run by the beer's very brewers. Come for a drink if pale lagers suit your fancy (non-pasteurised beer is served, too), and pair a glass with an offering of tapas or a full meal.

Bars & Nightlife

Start a night out in Vigo with tapas and local Albariño wine, a product of grapes harvested on the banks of Rías Baixas, or "lower rivers". The crisp, naturally acidic Albariño whites are praised for their sophisticated aroma and fruit undertones, and are said to go very well with seafood. To follow this with dancing, try old town's Teófilo Llorente and Real Street, check out one of the beach clubs of Samil and Beiramar, or head to the lively area of Areal. Swankier Alamdea is best fit for cocktails, while Churruca's rock bars attract the alternative crowd.