Santiago Food Market

Santiago de Compostela

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Santiago Food Market

The numerous stalls in the traditional food market of Santiago offer a real taste of Galician gastronomy, with fresh produce, seafood, flowers, cheese and much more. Most products come from local producers, and have been supplying homes and restaurants int he area since 1873.


Santiago de Compostela has two particular local crafts – silverware and a black gem called jet stone, used for jewellery and amulets. The shops in the area around the Cathedral has a good selection of these and of other handicrafts. The rest of the Old Town is full of shops of all kinds. The streets or ’Rúas’ Nova, Vilar, San Pedro, Caldeirería, Preguntoiro and the squares Toural and Cervantes, along with the ones surrounding the cathedral, are the main shopping areas in the old town. You can find international brands, prestigious Spanish franchises, Galician fashion, food shops and gift shops, among many other offerings.