La Borriquita De Belém

Santiago de Compostela

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La Borriquita De Belém

This bar is an absolute must if you want to admire the passage of several generations in it. Opened in 1971, La Borriquita De Belém offers sweet mojitos, caipirinhas and Andalusian wines to sip while enjoying live jazz and Bossa Nova. Some nights there are flamenco performances to heighten the mood even more.

Bars & Nightlife

The Old Town of Santiago is full of lively bars, and the best way to fully enjoy your night out is to go from bar to bar, trying different drinks and talking to the people you meet. The university ambience in Santiago de Compostela makes the nightlife of the city very active, and the over one thousand years of pilgrimage from all over the world has given the nightlife a mix of cultural influences.