Timanfaya National Park


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Timanfaya National Park

Often referred to as Montañas del Fuego (Fire Mountains), this area showcases a fascinating array of geological phenomena and is home to a unique endemic flora, thriving in the high subterranean temperatures. Timanfaya serves as a living laboratory for biological research and stands out as one of Europe's most extraordinary natural habitats. In recognition of its distinctiveness, UNESCO designated the Timanfaya volcanic field as a national park in 1993.

Do & See

Lanzarote offers a splendid mix of nature and culture, inviting visitors to soak up the sun or embark on a thrilling mountain climb. Delve into the UNESCO-listed Timanfaya National Park, pay a visit to the home of esteemed architect César Manrique, ride the perfect wave on your surfboard, or simply relax on the island's picturesque beaches. With its diverse attractions, Lanzarote truly has something for everyone.