Tapas & Pinchos competition week in Benidorm


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Tapas & Pinchos competition week in Benidorm

In June, there is a weeklong tapas fest in Benidorm, allowing tourists and locals to sample a wide range of traditional, as well as innovative Spanish tapas for a reasonable price and vote for the best. Many of the bars and restaurants that are competing are located down Calle Santo Domingo – better known as Tapas Alley, in the Old Town.


The richness and variety of the cuisine in Benidorm has developed thanks to the success and influence of their ancestors and other cultures, all of which have left their mark on the local gastronomy. As a result, the influence of international cuisine, culinary traditions inherited from the Arabs, the legacy of merchant mariners, as well as the typical cuisine of local fishermen and traditional dishes from inland areas, results in an extraordinary range of flavours, aromas, textures, and colours to suit all palates. Tapas in Benidorm: Spain is renowned for its tapas. Benidorm offers a variety of tapas bars and pubs. There is a popular route that starts in Constitution Square continuing along Santo Domingo Street, Martinez Oriola Street and the surrounding streets. It is, however, possible to discover tapas bar around almost every corner in Benidorm. Restaurants: The choice of restaurants to be found in Benidorm reflects universal tastes. Enjoy local dishes of legume stews, fish and meats, Alicantinian cuisine based on seafood with rice cooked in pots known as "calderos", also Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Argentinian, Moroccan, Mexican, British, Central European and French. There are many fast food, grills and excellent restaurants of creative cuisine to experience.