The Sculptures of Oviedo


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The Sculptures of Oviedo

When walking around the city of Oviedo you will most certainly run into a few sculptures. The sculptures are placed around the city centre and are claimed to give Oviedo a sense of humour.

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Relics of earlier eras are scattered in and around the cities, including many pre-Romanesque churches and other buildings dating back to the 8th and the 10th centuries, when Asturias was one of the few regions of Christian Spain to remain unconquered by the Moors, who occupied most parts of the Iberian Peninsula. The region was a cradle of prehistoric civilisation, and remarkable cave paintings may be seen at the Cueva de Tito Bustillo in Ribadesella. Almost one-third of the region has been designated as a region of outstanding natural beauty, and four nature reserves have been given UNESCO Biosphere status.