Librairie Gréfine

La Rochelle

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Librairie Gréfine

The Librairie Grefine (Grefine Book store) is a great shop packed with the latest and the most vintage cartoons, mangas, illustrated books and a crowd of miniatures! Come here to be around other book lovers or find your read of the holiday: you will encounter both!


Shopping in La Rochelle's intimate Old town is a wonderful experience and you can find a large number of cute boutiques and craftsmen, nice antiques, jewellery stores, designer shops and of course all the usual retail chains. Les Halles is a very interesting and colourful indoor market, where you will find fresh food products, first-class fish and seafood as well as rare local and tasty goat cheeses. Also visit the Island of Ré for its open-air markets with local products and scrumptious seafood as well as many array of great shops.