Douceurs de Bretagne


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Douceurs de Bretagne

Douceurs de Bretagne brims with regional specialties from all over the province of Brittany - jams, wines, ciders, the typical caramels au beurre salé, and a plethora of further delicacies - both sweet and savoury. Multiple gift sets are available.


Dinard boasts an air of elegance which reflects in its range of shops. Larger stores to little specialist shops sell everything from designer fashions fresh from the streets of Paris to leather wear such as belts and handbags, along with silk scarves, jewellery and perfumes. Most of the shops are located around the Place du Marché Halles and the Place de la République areas. In true French tradition, Dinard has its share of markets that sell not only produce such as fresh pâtés and cheeses, vegetables, fruits and meats (Enthusiasts of fine wine and food will be spoilt for choice), but also flowers, crafts, and antiques. Of course, Dinard has its share of larger department stores and supermarkets, such as Auchan and Carrefour.