Le Pressoir


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Le Pressoir

Charming and spacious restaurant serving beautifully-presented French food and local wines in a quiet small village. Take a seat at their lovely terrace and enjoy some tasty dishes such as breast tournedos of duck, skewers of prawns, and their mouth-watering chocolate mousse. It is advisable to reserve in advance.


Renowned for its dedication to gastronomy, Bergerac offers numerous restaurants, cafés, and crêperies serving everything from flavoursome light meals to glorious presentations of several courses – accompanied, of course, by some of the world’s finest wines. Look out for tourins – a local speciality soup – truffles, and foie gras. The area is also known for its wild boar, partridge, hare, quail, duck, geese, and trout, all of which will feature on almost all restaurant menus.