ICA Kvantum


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ICA Kvantum

ICA Kvantum is a grocery store in Kiruna that sells a very large variety of groceries, typical products and more. It's is the perfect place to stock up on hiking fuel: food, drinks, fruit, and various snacks.


A trip to Lappland offers unbeatable opportunities to buy both food delicacies and forest products from Norrland, and genuine Sami products. One of the best places for the former is Thornéus Renprodukter (Fru Wälivaaragatan 10). For high quality products manufactured by Sami people, Wennberg Sameslöjd (Begmästareg. 2) is recommended. It has shops in both Kiruna and Stockholm. Outdoor equipment is to be found at, among other places, Vildmarkshörnan (Bergsmästareg. 2), which also sells what you need for hunting and fishing. The usual, large clothing multiples such as JC, Kappahl and Lindex are to be found in the shopping malls, Gallerian and Galaxen.