Vinberga Vinkiosk


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Vinberga Vinkiosk

This small restaurant is located at Landbron 1, in central Karlskrona. A bit like a classic Parisian wine bar in Karlskrona.


Try the local delicacies while you are in Karlskona, which, once upon a time had a higher concentration of taverns than anywhere else in the country. The potato dumplings, called "Kroppkaka" in Swedish, herring sandwiches or a roasted rye bun called "rågskorpa", are examples of local food. Naturally, all kinds of international food are available in a town like Karlskrona as well. In Karlskrona with surroundings you can eat well with the sea as a backdrop. As well as around the big sguare, Stortorget, where many of the town’s restaurants are situated. Here you will find a selection of all restaurants in Karlskrona!