Zigges Garage


Copyright: bridgesward/Pixabay
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Zigges Garage

Zigges Garage is a bar and restaurant that is beautifully located at the end of Hamngatan. Upstairs, the lovely open-air restaurant offers a fantastic view over the gently flowing Nissan. Here you can enjoy many warm, long summer nights.

Bars & Nightlife

The party pulse attracts many people all year round in the hometown of Roxette. Many bars and nightclubs offer house bands and concerts. Every summer, trendy clubs open in the city and in Tylösand. The party atmosphere is high and things start happening early: bars in the city centre and around the beach start attracting party goers as early as 4 in the afternoon! After Beach at Solgården in Tylösand is a real institution. Thousands of guests come here every year for delicious drinks and great music on sunny summer days