American University of Beirut


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American University of Beirut

Founded in the 1860s by an American missionary, the lush, sprawling campus of the prestigious American University of Beirut is a pleasure to stroll around. It offers something of a journey into the city's pre-war days. There is an excellent archaeological museum on-site, along with a number of art galleries, and a great many nonchalant feline residents (cats), who famously inhabit the premises.

Do & See

Beirut makes for a fantastic base to explore the rest of the country once the city's captivating neighbourhoods are over and done with. The best way to explore the city is to set out on foot (the public transportation system will likely appear confusing to outsiders) or by bike, hitting major historic landmarks like the old town's Roman Baths, natural wonders like the Pigeon Rocks just off the Corniche, and the upcoming neighbourhoods of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayzeh along the way.