Auberge de la Restonica (Corte)

Upper Corsica

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Auberge de la Restonica (Corte)

Situated on the banks of the Restonica river along a country road, just outside the central Corsican town of Corte, you'll find the quaint Auberge de la Restonica. The establishment features a lovely outdoor terrace, perfect for poolside dining with breathtaking mountain views. The restaurant serves traditional Corsican cuisine, with its signature dish being Filet Restonica. The hotel and restaurant make for an ideal getaway spot in Corsica.


Corsican cuisine has historically relied heavily on local products and ingredients, and those traditions are still very much alive today. Seafood is understandably pervasive, but meat, particularly pork, is an island staple, famous worldwide for its characteristic flavour. Local animals are fed a steady diet of chestnuts, another ubiquitous Corsican ingredient, and maquis herbs.