Le Café de Turin

Nice Côte d'Azur

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Le Café de Turin

Le Café de Turin is a genuine 1900s brasserie, with everything that the shellfish enthusiast could dream of — above all, heaps of oysters. Lightning fast waiters, as you would expect at a place like this.


Nice’s cuisine is a reflection of the city’s 300 days of sun a year. This means great tasting olive oil, garlic and lemons. Also a vast selection of all kinds of vegetables like aubergines, tomatoes, vegetable marrow, and lots more. If you put all this in a frying pan with olive oil, it makes ratatouille. Put it in the oven and you have a tian (au gratin). The city’s own traditional take-away food is la socca — a kind of pancake made from chick peas. Some say it has a salty bracing taste, others say it tastes of old socks. However, this does not stop a new generation of playful chefs who have started to prepare Provençal cuisine nouveau. Bon appétit!