Place Rossetti

Nice Côte d'Azur

Copyright: Marco Assini/cc by-sa 2.0/Flickr
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Place Rossetti

After strolling around in Nice, you might come to the point in which you'd like only to sit down and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Place Rossetti is the perfect destination to do just that: find a place in the shade, buy an ice-cream and relax. It's a charming and vibrant pedestrian square in the heart of Nice's historic Old Town. The focal point of the square is the stunning baroque-style cathedral, Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate, which boasts a beautiful façade and impressive bell tower.

Do & See

The whole world envies the French for their quality of life while the French envy the Riviera residents for their life in paradise. Nice combines the best of both worlds. This is where you can find small Provençal squares, where you can happily spend hours over a cup of coffee, but also find famous museums, parks and cathedrals. Put your walking shoes on!