Notting Hill Coffee


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Notting Hill Coffee

With multiple locations across the city, Notting Hill Coffee is an easy-to-find spot for a snack or a full meal accompanied by very decent coffee. In the food department, there are soups, salads, pasta, bagels, wraps, and all sorts of sandwiches; for dessert, pick from muffins, cookies, brownies, cakes and more.


When in Lille, do not skip on the city's most sought-after dessert: vanilla waffles served at Méert, Lille's historic and most reputable cafe. There are plenty of places to tuck into a savoury galette, a syrup-drenched crêpe, or even just grab a cup of coffee (some particularly good finds are concentrated around old town's Grand Place). A dessert you will be seeing nearly anywhere you go is "merveilleux", a small, meringue-based cake sprinkled with chocolate shavings. And if you are into cheese, try the city's own "Le Vieux Lille", a gourmet variety with a distinctive smell.