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Located at the end of the Gruž bay, Minčeta is a small shopping centre with several stores providing everything from clothes, jewelleries, perfumes to shoes, sport items and home accessories. Brands such as Bugatti, Stones, Penny Black, LiuJo, Mango, Gerry Weber and Benetton are stocked here.


There are no large-scale shopping centres in Dubrovnik, so target your shopping passions in and around the Old Town. In the Old Town on the main street Stradun, you will find a row of small number of independent stores where local artisans, designers and producers sell their products. It is also in the Old Town several souvenir shops including more luxurious stores are selling jewelleries, gems and clothes. Croatian speciality like olive oil, honey, herb-flavoured rakijas and wine are also easy to get in the area. For more interesting souvenirs to bring back home, head over to the picturesque side streets in the Old Town. Dubrovnik also has some fine outdoor markets which are well worth a visit. You can buy fresh vegetables, fruit, olive oils, souvenirs and pretty much everything else you could possibly need.