Cave Bar More


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Cave Bar More

With a unique setting, right in the heart of a cave among stalactites and stalagmites, Cave Bar More offers a rare and cool experience. The outside seating area is also something special, here you can enjoy a cocktail or a soft drink while admiring the beautiful sunset overlooking the sea.

Bars & Nightlife

Dubrovnik’s nightlife takes place outdoors for much of the year. The area behind the Cathedral, Buniceva poljana, becomes one big outdoor bar in the spring and summer. The locals tend to hang out in the area between the Old Town and Gruz, where a strip of flashy bars have turned "bana Jelacica" into what the locals call "Bourbon Street". The nightlife in Dubrovnik is mainly in the Old Town. The town does not have that many nightclubs and the Stradun is the place to be at night. All the shop canopies roll back and the chairs come out transforming the street into a processional of exuberance!