Zhenski Pazar (Women’s market)


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Zhenski Pazar (Women’s market)

The so-called "Women’s Market" on Stefan Stambolov Boulevard is probably the most popular market in Sofia that sells all manner of goods - and not women's items alone. There is a large variety of fruit, vegetables, cheese and other edible delights to be had.


Since the end of communist rule, Sofia has blossomed into a shopper’s paradise. If you are looking for high-end designer boutiques or simple pleasures at the local market, Sofia is guaranteed to satisfy your shopping needs. Vitosha Boulevard and Graf Ignatiev are Sofia’s main shopping areas where you will find the familiar line up of international high street fashion chains. For one-off originals, Shipka, Oborishte and San Stefano Street, near the Alexander Nevski Cathedral are thronging with small boutiques. The covered market on Ekzarh Yosif Street is the place to pick up excellent Bulgarian food.