Rock'N'Rolla Club


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Rock'N'Rolla Club

The Rock'N'Rolla Club occupies a basement in one of Sophia's central district buildings. 80s and 90s rock is played, and football matches broadcast to hits by AC/DC, Guns'n'Roses, Scorpion and other iconic rock bands. Drinks are offered at very reasonable prices.

Bars & Nightlife

From chic designer bars where you can seriously strut your stuff to bohemian hideaways reminiscent of the 50’s beat scene in San Francisco, Sofia will undoubtedly have a watering hole to fit any preference. For the nocturnal animals amongst you, or those suffering from a severe bout of insomnia, Sofia’s nightclubs will not disappoint. Be it hard house, rock or Bulgarian folk, there is a always a place to suit all tastes and styles.